Make Signs Yourself Using Specialty Paper

In order to make signs like the pros all you need is a desktop printer and a word processor such as Microsoft Word.  This particular post is specifically dedicated to making paper signs, or frame inserts if you will, using specialty paper.  You may also achieve the same effect with your paper signs by using the textured background effects within Word.  If, however, you need more than what the textured options in Word provides for your office signs specialty paper will give you significantly more options.

You can truly create professional-looking paper signs in a matter of minutes.  You don’t need to have a graphics design background to make signs that are elegant and aesthetically pleasing.  Designing frame inserts is fun, fast and economical too.

So what do you need to know in order to make signs with specialty paper?  Specialty paper can be purchased at all office superstores such as Staples and Office Depot, FedEx Kinko’s and local boutique shops.  Here are two samples of specialty paper sandwiched around a sheet of white bond paper to show the contrast.  I randomly picked these two but there are numerous styles and colors available at the above mentioned stores to complement any interior color scheme.

Make Signs with Paper

The following represents a step-by-step process in Microsoft Word showing you how to design frame inserts in just a few minutes for the cost of ink and paper. Once you understand the core concepts in creating your frame inserts you can get as creative as you’d like in designing paper signs to complement any campus or business interior. Photoshop, Illustrator and a variety of other software design packages and word processors can be used as well. Please note that the instruction set listed below may vary depending on the version of MS-Word you have installed.  Although we used a one-part frame for this example the process would hold true for two-part signs such as the WFP4U.

Make Signs Yourself Using Specialty Paper

Step 1: Open MS-Word and create a new document by clicking New (Ctrl + N), select the “Office” button in the upper left-hand corner of the screen and click the “New” icon or click the “New” shortcut icon to create a new document. Any of these three options will work.

Make Paper Signs Step 1

Step 2: Click the Insert Tab. Then click the Text Box icon in the Toolbar. At the bottom of the window click Draw Text Box.
Move your cursor to the document (you will see a “+” sign appear) and drag it diagonally across the drawing surface while holding down the left-click button on the mouse.

Frame Inserts Step 2

Release the left-click button and your text box will appear.

Make Signs Step 2a

Step 3: To size the text box enter the height and width of the insert you wish to create. Our sample sign happens to be a 3 x 4 5/8 office sign so we entered a 3 inch height and 4.625 inch width.

Make Frame Inserts Step 3

Step 4: Now you can add your text. Add one or more text boxes to your frame insert by clicking the Insert tab and selecting “Draw Text Box” like you did in Step 2. Position the text boxes on the background and choose the font, font color and font size that you desire. In order to eliminate the text box outline click the Format tab -> Shape Outline -> No Outline and now you have just the text. Here is the insert we’ve created as displayed in Microsoft Word.

Paper Signs Step 4

Step 5: Now that you have the sign created, simply load a sheet of specialty paper into your office printer and print it. Here is what the completed sign frame looks like installed.

Frame Inserts Step 5

Printing paper signs will save you tons of time and money. As you can see, you can make signs like the pros in just minutes. Should you need assistance we’re here to help if you have any questions.