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Office Signs – 3 Things I Wish I Knew Before Buying Them

Office SignsWhen choosing the right office signs for your business there are three things one should consider before making the purchase:

First, “How easy is it to replace my office signs?”  Unique or highly customized office sign designs are great on paper and no doubt are great to look at when installed.  Getting replacements, at best, would be formidable assuming the company is still willing and able to do them.  Most other companies would not be able to replicate your office signage, yet even if they did, would turn away the job for small quantities.  Make sure you or your architect selects office signage that can be fulfilled by more than one source downstream.

“How much does it cost to maintain an office sign?”  is typically the next question.  Assuming you need not replace the entire office sign in the event of a change, what does it cost to keep them current?  Getting inserts, lenses, divider strips and other accessories for your office signs is yet another cost consideration.  The type of insert materials used for your frames can range from pennies, for paper, to tens or hundreds of dollars for acrylic, metal or other comparable office sign materials.

And last, “How long can I wait until I get my replacement signs installed?”  If you need your office signs quickly do it in-house but if quick turnaround isn’t that important consider outsourcing it.  In any case, decide on your maintenance strategy up front.

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Office Signs – 3 Things I Wish I Knew Before Buying Them

5 Tools Everyone Who Maintains Office Signs Should Use

If Office Signs maintaining office signs is your responsibility, there are 5 simple tools that will simplify your job.

  • Desktop Publishing Software (DTP)
  • Camera
  • Printer
  • Paper
  • Creativity

DTP software is the cornerstone for creating simple, yet elegant office signs.  MS-Word is the most ubiquitous yet there is Illustrator, In Design, Photoshop and numerous others.  Enhance your office sign inserts with employee photos or perhaps photo background images.  Given the size of the image required and the quality of the smart phones available your camera will provide the necessary photos to complement your office signage.

Output your printed inserts to any desktop or all-in-one printer.  Quality office signs can be created quickly and easily using simple office printers.  Choose from simple white bond 20lb, 92 bright, paper to glossy 53lb photo paper for your office sign inserts.  Parchment or textured specialty paper is another great option for office signage adding a touch of class to your interior design.

Although not a tool per se, creativity will help to make your office signs come to life.  The great part about it is the fact that you can create aesthetically pleasing, designer-quality office signs by simply typing in your text and using specialty paper to print your signs.  This particular example requires little to no creativity but the more comfortable you become with the options available to you the better your office signage will become over time.

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Flat or Curved Office Signs – 3 No-Fuss Ways to Figure it Out

Office SignsWhat are the primary drivers when choosing between flat and curved office signs?  Although there are many factors to consider when choosing which type of office signage to select, here are three that tend to surface to the top.

First, do you have a uniform sign program in place?  If so, stay with the existing office sign format for consistency.  Looking at mix-and-match office signs does not contribute to an aesthetically pleasing environment.  So if you have curved, stay with it.

Then there’s price.  If you don’t have office signs that you need to match then save the money.  Both the curved and flat office signage are durable, vandal-resistant and easy to maintain so find the size of the office sign you want and go with the least expensive one.

Another factor to consider when purchasing office signs is mounting.  All office sign frames can be mounted to glass with double-sided tape so there’s really no decision here.  Mounting office signs to a wall can be done with the same double-sided tape or with wall anchors and screws however, acrylic or masonite-backed sign frames may not always effectively support the latter.  Floating sign frames must be mounted with wall anchors and screws so choosing floating office sign frames for solid wood doors would not be pragmatic. Pay close attention to your mounting surfaces and the options available for mounting before purchasing your office signage.

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4 Things Learned in Kindergarten That’ll Help with Your Office Signs

So how can kindergarten help you with your office signs?  My daughter happens to be in kindergarten so I can say first-hand what I’m now – re-learning.

First, less is better!  A cluttered drawing is less desirable than an uncluttered one and the same holds true for office signs.  When in doubt with how to lay out the copy for your office sign go with the KISS principle (like the attached sign image).

Second, make it readable.  Use sans serif fonts for your office sign inserts so people can see them without having to squint.  The room signs in my child’s classroom are simple and bold which doesn’t get lost on adults especially as we get older.

Add color!  The more colorful room signs stand out from the others and the same holds true when it comes to your office signs.  Whereas coloring a room sign involves bright colored crayons in kindergarten, adding color to your office sign may include a photo background, an employee photo image or simply a colored background.

Last but not least – have FUN!  I look around and can’t find one room sign that doesn’t make me smile and so it should be when it comes to creating your office signs.  The simple desktop tools and technology make it easy to do and the creativity that goes along with it makes it fun and exciting.

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4 Things to Consider When Purchasing Office Signs

Purchasing officOffice Signs | Vista Systeme signs for a small business or large complex can be intimidating given the various options available today on the market.  In compiling our customer feedback, here’s what they’ve considered important when purchasing office signage for their businesses.

Common Look & Feel – Office signs are an investment like anything else.  Then you decide you need directory signs or perhaps desk signs.  Making sure you select a company that has a comprehensive line of sign frames provides the opportunity to maintain that consistency.

Durability – Office signs should be a one-time purchase unless you are growing and need to add more.  Ensure the sign frames you choose are durable enough to hold up over time.

Recognized Manufacturer – Choose office sign products from manufacturers that will be around year after year.  Office signage solutions from respected companies means they stand behind their products and will be there to support your business growth.  This is especially critical for larger companies who have invested in office signs, directory signs and desk signs as part of a corporate uniform sign program.

Maintainability – This is by far the most important consideration when purchasing office sign products.  Unique or eclectic sign frames might look great on an architect’s rendering but become extremely problematic when it comes to updating or finding additional ones – not to mention the prohibitive cost.  Think thoroughly through the maintenance side of the equation before purchasing your office signage.

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